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South Carolina Seafood: local, natural, sustainable

We believe that our community should be fed by the community. We believe seafood should be locally and sustainably harvested, and that everyone should know their fisherman. These are the key principles that contribute to healthy ecosystems, vibrant coastal economies and a low carbon footprint food supply. We encourage you to learn more about our conservation efforts to ensure the future viability and productivity of our marine ecosystems.


True conservation work happens where the rubber hits the road. It's happening right now out on our waters. The story of how fishermen and watermen show up as stewards of the marine resource can be told a million ways. From trainings on sea turtle CPR to cultivating filter feeding species who not only clean our waters but protect our shorelines, the harvesters we work with do far more than bring you seafood.

Turtle in the Reef

How oyster farmers are saving South Carolina's shores


Shrimp Tales: Small Bites of History is a special treasure whose value will only increase with age. While almost everyone recognizes a shrimp boat, the story of the shrimping industry along the southeastern coast has remained largely unknown.

Through photographs, descriptions, and interviews, author Beverly Jennings provides a wonderful vignette into a way of life that traditionally characterized this Southeastern coast.

(proceeds benefit the South Carolina Seafood Alliance)



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